About Us

Ashley the captain Ashley Weyman-Jones is a 29 year old, red bearded, two legged mountain goat who can eat his own body weight in fruit and vegetables. He met the love of his life at the door of a hip bar in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley five years ago and has been trying madly to impress her ever since. He eventually plucked up the courage to ask her to marry him once he’d dragged her half way around the world on their tandem bicycle. When he’s not either on holidays or working to get enough money to go on holidays, he’s paragliding and cleaning his ever growing brood of bicycles. Ashley is in charge of equipment, bicycle maintenance, is director of finances and head chef.

Laura the stoker Laura Hegarty is a journalist with the ABC in Queensland. She was working in Bundaberg, gathering a portfolio of stories on drug busts, sugar cane and turtles, when she decided there must be more to life and turned to a world map for inspiration. She bought a plane ticket to London and began the journey of a lifetime across 28 countries with her rather wild other half. She loved it and she’s still not over the shock that came at the end of the travel in the form of a proposal… this wild man wanted to marry her! Now 24 years old Laura’s roles include chief blogger, tent maker, route mapper and professional haggler.

16 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Ashley & Laura – it’s Jacob! I don’t have my own blog but you can find me on Linkedin (Jacob Kilby) I’d be delighted to put you two up in Johor Bahru – send me an email to organise. Would be great if you planned an arrival towards a weekend If possible – that way I could both take you out for a well deserved beer. Ps. if you had a spare day Ashley no problem to borrow a mate’s Trek 2.1 and take you out for a 70km stretch of the legs or you can both follow me tandem styles (if you’re not fed up already) Jk

  2. Hi Laura and Ashley, I met Claire and Maxime from Paris. We are at the Notso Hostel in Charleston SC, USA sheltering from Hurricane Sandy. They say hi (French accent)…..before heading to New Orleans. From Philip H for Perth, Western Australia

    • Thanks Philip! Superstorm Sandy is all over the news over here in China! Glad to hear you are all safe 🙂 Happy travels!

  3. Hi,
    Dear Ashley & Laura!
    How are you?
    I’m from Tashkent (MIRZO Guesthouse).
    Today your friends Joseph and Helen are went to UK.
    I was very happy when i saw you web-site.
    It’s very interesting.
    I’ll be very happy if i heart you answer soon.
    Have a nice trip.

  4. Hi Ash and Laura

    We met us in Samarkand in the Bahodir B&B. we are back in Switzerland and go to work tomorrow. enjoy your trip and good luck in pakistan!