Tales about vegan cyclists who love taking the path less travelled. 

In the Australian summer of 2012, a couple in their mid-twenties took off on the adventure of a life time.

They bought a tandem bicycle, loaded it with only their essential belongings (plus a paraglider) and took off to see the world (or 28 countries at least).

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After 14 months, 25,000 kilometres and more punctures than they dared count, the pair arrived back in their home town. But they were never again the same.

The furniture in their storage unit felt like waste, driving a car was like being trapped and their hipster skinny jeans were too tight on their bulky legs.

Work was inevitable but there was no going back to their ‘old life.’ They had new perspectives and new ideas.

And so the couple began dreaming of a life of adventures together….

At 3770 metres asl

This is us: Ashley and Laura. And no, we do not own a multi-million dollar clothing brand.

At the moment we’re busy planning an EPIC adventure in the Indian Himalayas… so hit subscribe if you want to come along for the ride!

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  1. hello Ash and Laura, very nice your website and iam happy to meet you in Korat=Thailand, is a nice projekt to look in the world whit a bike,,,,i hope we can contact again when stay in your home,,,have a nice time and take care together,,
    good luck,,,,benny from korat

  2. G’day Kosovolovers,

    Glad you made it….just in time to catch scorching sun and wildfires.
    But you should not stop for long.Amaericas are waiting.You have to close the circle!
    And yes,you need bits of Africa too.

    Cheers from Hrvatistan,

    • Ivo! We’re not home quite yet… but soon! Don’t worry planning for the Americas is already in the works and Africa… I think we both need to grow a bigger set of balls before we cycle there. But one day…
      Kosovo was great by the way. Great beer too!
      Ash and Laura

    • Thanks Ralf! Really appreciate it. Hope you are having some great adventures of your own! Ash + Laura

  3. Hi Laura & Ash
    Where are you now?
    We stay in Chiang Mai for 3 days
    and enjoy the fantastic food without
    After we biking back to Laos and driving
    to south along the Mekong.
    I hope we will see you again. I think so.
    Don’t forget to catch the tires in Khao Lak.
    Take care and the best greetings from the
    Angels of Switzerland. Just Smile.

    Gilbert & Kaspar