The flying cyclists … tales about taking a tandem bike and a paraglider down the path less travelled. 

What did you do in your twenties? Studied? Bought a house? A car? Binge drinking on weekends? Built a career? Bought a smartphone? Procreated?
We decided that none of these things were for us and made a plan to cycle our way through Europe, Asia and Australia on a tandem bicycle instead.

For 14 months we worked our way through the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy Slovenia , Croatia , Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan  Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and finally on to home soil.

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Here’s a picture of us…

At 3770 metres asl

If you’ve read this far into our madness then surely you must be wondering by now, “why are they the flying cyclists?”. The answer to that is for the first 11,000 kilometres of our journey, we were towing a trailer with Ashley’s paraglider on it. We tried our best to pair the cycling with some coastal and mountain flying and while it didn’t always work out, Ash had some epic air time in England, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Montenegro, Turkey and Kazakhstan. I (Laura) even joined in occasionally, but not while cycling of course. That would be insane.

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  1. Hi Ashley & Laura, I am Daniel Kim from Seoul Korea. I am 52 and my wife is 48 years old. Since October last year, we have challenged about 640km alongside of Rivers in Korea in a few weekends when time allows us. Still there are 300Km left for us to go. So when I happened to visit your website, it was very challenging us to do the same as yours. For your reference Our government had finished the construction of ‘ all connected BikeRoad along with all rivers in Korea’ in April last year. So,if you have a plan to trip the River-side Bike roads in Korea, we’d like to trip togather with your couple. By good chance, we have the same tandem ‘Bike Friday’ as yours. Feel free to contact us for your trip to Korea. It would be most welcome !!!

    • Hello Daniel! It is lovely to hear from you. Your bicycle adventure sounds fantastic! We have now finished our travel and are back in Australia. We love travelling on bicycle and we hope you make many great memories with your wife on the road. Our Bike Friday Tandem is still alive and is waiting for another adventure! If you ever cycle to Australia from Korea we will welcome you at our home. Love Ash and Laura.

    • We have just seen this post!!!! Sorry it has taken this long to reply! This is fantastic!! I love the landing!!! Such great skill. We were thinking ‘how will he flare the paraglider and steer the velo?? But you did it very well! Peace and Love to you where ever you are xxx Ash and Laura.