Tales about vegan cyclists who love taking the path less travelled. 

In the Australian summer of 2012, a couple in their mid-twenties took off on the adventure of a life time.

They bought a tandem bicycle, loaded it with only their essential belongings (plus a paraglider) and took off to see the world (or 28 countries at least).

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After 14 months, 25,000 kilometres and more punctures than they dared count, the pair arrived back in their home town. But they were never again the same.

The furniture in their storage unit felt like waste, driving a car was like being trapped and their hipster skinny jeans were too tight on their bulky legs.

Work was inevitable but there was no going back to their ‘old life.’ They had new perspectives and new ideas.

And so the couple began dreaming of a life of adventures together….

At 3770 metres asl

This is us: Ashley and Laura. And no, we do not own a multi-million dollar clothing brand.

At the moment we’re busy planning an EPIC adventure in the Indian Himalayas… so hit subscribe if you want to come along for the ride!

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  1. Hi I really enjoyed your story and only wished I had your determination. I started out from Melbourne as a 21 year old cycling up towards the east cost with the intention of travelling all the way up the east coast. having cycled 78km one day without seeing another house or building and fearing I could not carry enough water to cover these distances I lost my bottle and only covered 600km. Are they Brooks leather saddles you have? I cried when mine broke. Where did you learn to paraglide? Having worked for many years now I still envy your life style and would take it up tomorrow if I could.
    Andy Barkway

  2. Hi Ashley & Laura, I am Daniel Kim from Seoul Korea. I am 52 and my wife is 48 years old. Since October last year, we have challenged about 640km alongside of Rivers in Korea in a few weekends when time allows us. Still there are 300Km left for us to go. So when I happened to visit your website, it was very challenging us to do the same as yours. For your reference Our government had finished the construction of ‘ all connected BikeRoad along with all rivers in Korea’ in April last year. So,if you have a plan to trip the River-side Bike roads in Korea, we’d like to trip togather with your couple. By good chance, we have the same tandem ‘Bike Friday’ as yours. Feel free to contact us for your trip to Korea. It would be most welcome !!!

    • Hello Daniel! It is lovely to hear from you. Your bicycle adventure sounds fantastic! We have now finished our travel and are back in Australia. We love travelling on bicycle and we hope you make many great memories with your wife on the road. Our Bike Friday Tandem is still alive and is waiting for another adventure! If you ever cycle to Australia from Korea we will welcome you at our home. Love Ash and Laura.

    • We have just seen this post!!!! Sorry it has taken this long to reply! This is fantastic!! I love the landing!!! Such great skill. We were thinking ‘how will he flare the paraglider and steer the velo?? But you did it very well! Peace and Love to you where ever you are xxx Ash and Laura.